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Turnover of high-level executives is the highest price an organization can pay. Keeping staff motivated and in harmony is the best investment. Coaching for executives with high potential polishes professional and personal skills, enabling leaders to become the best version of themselves.




+ Executive Coaching

Executive coaching comprehensively transforms leaders, allowing them to align their personal and professional lives. Coaching enables leaders to evolve and become empowered, and teaches them how to use their personal knowledge to identify their needs and that of their teams. In this way, they acquire a clear vision of their role within their organizations, and learn how to productively channel the stress and anxiety of their positions. All of this enables them to synchronize their individual productivity with that of their teams.

+ Core ID

Our Core ID coaching examines leaders from all possible angles, analyzing their specific contexts, the ways in which they interact with their teams, and possible ways of creating synergies with the organization. To gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of leaders, we interview ten persons with whom leaders directly interact; this enables us to discover:

  • Their consonance with their organizations.
  • Their alignment with their teams and key persons outside of their area.
  • Their greatest strengths.
  • The phase they are currently in with regards to their evolution as leaders.

Core ID dramatically transforms leaders, providing them with a unique and personalized version of reality. Individuals must be strengthened in order to strengthen the leaders within them.

+ Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI)

This is a 360˚ assessment tool considered by global experts to be the most validaed and widely-used measure of emotional and social intelligence (a key factor in the performance of leaders).

The ESCI tool has been validated by hundreds of studies on competencies in organizations around the world. It was developed by Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis, together with Hay Group.

To a large extent, emotional and social intelligence make the difference between excellent and average performance among executives.

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) allows for:

  • Measuring emotional intelligence in leaders and key professionals.
  • Fostering executives’ self-awareness, by means of a powerful and scientifically-backed feedback tool.
  • More accurately focusing executive coaching and training processes on key aspects.
  • Fostering the development of professionals and their teams.

+ Team Coaching

It is common for work teams to experience communication and operational difficulties. Our approach to teamwork brings about rapid change, because we foster an understanding of each person’s role in a team. We train individuals to think in terms of their teams, which immediately increases productivity.

+ Organizational Diagnosis

Through systematic diagnoses and analyses of the context of an organization, we are able to create a profile of its climate, culture and leadership, which enables us to conduct a custom-made intervention. Our team uses a combination of soft and hard skills, enabling us to address any challenges faced by the organization, from financial and operational matters, to issues related to communication and conflict resolution.

+ Executive Training Workshops

These workshops are designed and adapted to cater to the needs of institutional clients, with the aim of developing the soft skills of their leaders. Our goal is to complement the professional growth of executives, by building upon skills that are not usually fostered by traditional academic programs: negotiating skills, presence, confrontation, and feedback, among others.



"With respect to coaching in alignment with the company, my employees often ask me what they should study to continue growing at the organization. Oftentimes my response is that they should improve upon certain skills that are more related to leadership and interaction with others. These are topics that high-level coaching addresses, yielding excellent results for both the company and the executive."