What is coaching and what is it for?


Coaches help us deal with important aspects of our lives that we may not be aware of or do not know how to address. During periods of professional growth or reinvention, coaching provides an external perspective that enables us to overcome limitations in our careers or anything that is preventing us from achieving satisfaction in our lives. Coaching can represent one of the most positive and transformative events in a person or leader’s life. The ACC, PCC and MCC international credentials of the International Coach Federation (ICF) guarantee the quality of coaching services provided.   


Effectiveness of Coaching


Coaching increases an executive’s effectiveness by 50%


Different studies on coaching and effectiveness have demonstrated that coaching increases an executive’s effectiveness by 50%. Coaching is four times as effective as traditional training; the return on investment of coaching processes is 500%. A study carried out by consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in 2004 found that the return on every dollar invested in coaching is equal to $7.90 (Metrix Global). According to Harvard Business Review, large corporations around the world are investing in coaching because the investment required is much smaller compared to the cost of replacing employees.



"I would compare receiving coaching from Ligia Olvera to getting a master’s or doctoral degree at a world-class university. The process taught me things you don’t learn in the classroom, and that are likely more important than a professional’s knowledge or technical skills."